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At Brady Painting Contractors we strive to exceed your expectations. Not only do we want to make your space look great, but we also want to make it look better than you could’ve ever imagined.

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Since 1975, Brady Painting Contractors have worked with homeowners, designers, and builders in the Houston, TX area to deliver quality painting services with guaranteed results. As a family-owned and operated business, most of our employees have been with us for decades and work to uphold our high-quality standards. From interior and exterior painting, to lacquered walls and personalized painting services, your home is our canvas to create something special. Call us today to get a free evaluation from our experienced painters.

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So the question is how can my family possibly thank Brady Painting enough for all they have done for us, and even taking us on as a client. They had to come in to do a repair job on a just painted home, and Brady Painting was truly amazing. Calm, patient, assertive, aware of the chaos our family was about to go through again, moving out of our home for another 6-7 months with two small children. My family was in distress, and they helped us to walk through, assess, and come up with the best plan of action. They ran samples on shelves so we could see the correction process of properly sanded and prepped wood prior to paint. They agreed to paint one room to start, with floor to ceiling wood, so we could see a finished product and work out any kinks if any (which there were none), and everyone could move on comfortably. They explained each and everything to us, maybe more than once, but they never complained and did such an amazing job, and the crews take so much pride in their work and make an effort to make sure you are ok with how it all looks. A project manager inspected the house almost daily, if there were any questions or concerns, they would meet with us, explain the process, or if a sample needed to be done they did it so we could look and approve that we all agreed as a team on what a finished product would look like. Brady Painting truly cares about doing a good job and making your home as beautiful as you imagined. We thank their team for everything they have done, and getting our family back in our home with kindness and virtue. We are TEAM BRADY PAINTING!!!!!
Pappas Family